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DigidownRDL FAQs

You can use the Lisle Design tachograph compatibility checker to check if your tachograph is compatible with our remote download products.
You will need a VDO part number, a Stoneridge/VDO VU download file or a Stoneridge version number

EU regulations require you to download the data from your digital tachographs every 90 days. Driver cards must be downloaded at least every 28 days. If data is not downloaded on a regular basis, the stored data may be overwritten and lost.

In order to view and analyse your files, you will need appropriate tachograph analysis software. Please talk to your service provider for more information.

Files downloaded by the DigidownRDL are in the precise format specified in EU regulation 3821/85 Annex 1B Appendix 7 and thus should be readable by any drivers' hours software package which is otherwise capable of handling data from digital tachographs.

Each time a DigidownRDL saves a tachograph data file that file is given a name. The format of this name is not specified in any EU tachograph regulations. The authorities in France and Spain have defined file name formats which must be used in those countries. Elsewhere there is no specific requirement for any particular name format but there are several commonly used name formats.

There are four different types of tachograph smart card:

  • Driver card: Carried by all drivers, must be inserted into the tachograph when the driver is working
  • Company card: Used by the company to lock tachograph data and authorise downloads
  • Workshop card: Used by workshops for tachograph calibration and programming
  • Control card: Used by enforcement agencies to check for infringements

EU legislation requires that the information from the tachograph and driver card is recorded and stored at regular intervals. Read more about tachograph downloading regulations.