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DigidownTag FAQs

When connected to a network, the unit displays it's IP address at the bottom of the screen when idle. Enter this IP address in your web browser to access the configuration interface.

The unit can also be configured through the DigidownTag Configuration application. Download the application from the website, setup the configuration, then save the configuration file to a usb drive. Insert the usb drive into the unit when powered on and it will update the configuration.

Download the latest update from, copy it to a USB drive. Remove the power from DigidownTag, insert the USB drive, then re-insert the power. The update will install.

To factory reset the device, push the pin located on the back of the unit for 5 seconds. A message will be displayed on screen informing of a factory reset. This will reset the unit configuration, delete all downloads and the main screen logo (if installed).

Insert a USB drive into the unit. If your unit has buttons, you will be asked if you want to download the log files. If your unit has no buttons, log files will be automatically downloaded.