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Speed Sender Reader FAQs

When a tachograph and associated speed sender are installed in a vehicle they must be 'paired' before use. The pairing process sets up the encryption mechanism used for communication between sender and tachograph. The process also records in the tachograph the serial number of the paired speed sender. During periodic inspections of the tachograph installation there is a requirement to confirm that the speed sender in the vehicle's gearbox is the one recorded in the tachograph. The Lisle Design Speed Sender Reader makes it easy to carry out this check.

The Speed Sender Reader is provided with a four pin connector that connects directly to the speed sender in the vehicle. Unplug the tachograph cable and connect the Speed Sender Reader cable in its place.

Yes. On request the Speed Sender Reader can be provided with an adapter to connect to this cable. This may also be useful in identifying faulty cables.

Yes. After disconnection from the speed sender, the serial number and output currents will continue to be displayed until the Speed Sender Reader is turned off.

Yes. The Speed Sender Reader includes an automatic turn-off feature to protect the battery life in case the unit is left on by accident.