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New Training Case - Single Tachograph [Gen 2] FAQs

We fit either the newest Stoneridge or the newest VDO tachograph as standard. However if you would like older versions of these or a different brand of tachograph, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We can also fit radio style analogue tachographs to our cases, depending on availability.

Training tachographs are intended for use by drivers learning and refreshing their skills. These units have all the same functions of a standard tachograph in a vehicle, without the legal restrictions on the data they produce.

Our cases are not suitable for use with tachographs which would be fitted into vehicles (live key tachographs).

We offer an upgrade or replacement service for out of date or non functional tachographs.

If your tachograph is still functional we can house it in an additional case so you can still utilise it.

The New Training Case - Single Tachograph [Gen 2] has buttons to:

  • Turn the supply voltage on or off.
  • Turn the ignition on or off.
  • Turn the illumination on or off.
  • Decrease the speed.
  • Increase the speed.