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Downloads data from Digital Tachographs and from Driver Cards inserted in tachographs.




Digidown downloads data from Digital Tachographs and from Driver Cards inserted in tachographs.

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  • Easy to use. Integrated buttons to select your required download and LEDs to show progress.
  • Driver cards. Downloads driver cards inserted in your tachograph.
  • Removable Memory Card. Great for storage, sending back to base or retention as evidence.
  • USB Connection. Connects directly to your PC's USB port for easy file transfer.
  • Robust. Designed to last.


  • Custom downloads. Downloads all or part of the data stored in your tachograph, including activities, events, faults and detailed speed.
  • Universal. Works with all digital tachographs.
  • No batteries needed. Just connect to the tachograph and choose what you wish to download.
  • Helps you comply with regulations. Compatible with all EU tachograph regulations. Works with virtually all analysis software to help keep you compliant.
  • Low cost. All you need for your tachograph downloads.

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Size80 x 40 x 20 mm
Cable lengthsIntegral download cable 0.2m
USB upload cable 2m
Memory capacity2GB external SD card provided as standard

Included in the box

  • Digidown download device
  • 2 GB memory card
  • USB upload cable
  • User instructions