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Downloads data from Bluetooth Digidown products to a local PC.

DigidownBase downloads data from Bluetooth Digidown products to a local PC.


  • Digidown compatible. Compatible with DigidownBlue and DigidownCR units.
  • Great Bluetooth range. Up to 100m Bluetooth range in a clear open yard.
  • USB connection. Connects directly to your PC's USB port.
  • Easy installation. Uses standard Ethernet cable to connect to the included USB PC adapter.
  • Always on. Always waiting for your next device to connect.
  • Remote authentication enabled. When used with your DigidownBlue, there's no need to take the company card to the vehicle if the tachograph supports this feature.
  • Completely weatherproof. No need to cover or place your DigidownBase in a sheltered area.
  • Robust. Designed to last.


  • Get the data with one button. Drivers can upload their files wirelessly. No need to get into restricted or locked areas or use personal smartphones.
  • Handle data easily. If your storage location is monitored by your Analysis Software, then the arrival of the downloaded data will be handled automatically.
  • No data transmission costs. No need for phone contracts.
  • Help you comply with regulations. Compatible with all EU tachograph regulations. Works with all major analysis software to help keep you compliant.

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Size175 x 82 x 50 mm
Cable length10m, extendable to 50m upon request

Included in the box

  • DigidownBase box
  • DigidownBase PC adapter
  • DigidownHost remote authentication and file transfer software (digital download)