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Downloads data from Driver Cards and sends it anywhere using your smartphone or DigidownBase.




DigidownCR downloads data from Driver Cards and sends it anywhere through your smartphone or DigidownBase.

Why do I need a tachograph download tool?
arrow to the right Read more about tachograph downloading regulations.


  • Read any tachograph card. Downloads any tachograph card directly without the need for a company card.
  • Send the data anywhere. Send your data, in the correct format, to your office or your analysis bureau via your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.
  • Easy to use. Just insert your card and DigidownCR will download its content.
  • Long battery life. More than 2,000 card downloads with two AAA batteries (included).
  • No installation costs. Portable and ready to use anywhere.
  • USB Connection. Connects directly to your PC's USB port for easy file transfer.
  • Robust. Designed to last.


  • Universal. Works with all driver, company, workshop and enforcement cards.
  • Phone app is free. Download our free DigidownConnect app for Android™ and see how easy it is to use.
  • Low data transmission costs. No need for special mobile phone contracts. No data transmission costs when used with a DigidownBase.
  • Helps you comply with regulations. Compatible with all EU tachograph regulations. Works with virtually all analysis software to help keep you compliant.

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Size110 x 70 x 20 mm
Cable length2m

Included in the box

  • DigidownCR download device
  • USB upload cable
  • 2 x AAA batteries
  • User instructions