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Remote downloading of data from the back of Digital Tachographs. Send your data anywhere through your smartphone.




DigidownI downloads and delivers your tachograph and driver card data, to the right place, in the correct format. All controlled by your own mobile phone.

Why do I need a tachograph download tool?
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  • Send the data anywhere. Send your data, in the correct format, to your office or your analysis bureau via your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.
  • Phone app is free. Download our free DigidownConnect app for Android™ and see how easy it is to use.
  • Easy to install. Fit behind your tachograph with the kit supplied. Front panel connection also available.
  • Full support for Remote Authentication. Install the DigidownHost application, free of charge, onto a suitable PC. No need to take your company card to the vehicle.
  • Universal. Works with all tachographs that support remote authentication.
  • Driver cards. Downloads driver cards inserted in your tachograph.


  • Custom downloads. Downloads all or part of the data stored in the tachograph including activities, events, faults and detailed speed.
  • Low data transmission costs. No need for special mobile phone contracts.
  • Helps you comply with regulations. Compatible with all EU tachograph regulations. Works with virtually all analysis software to help keep you compliant.

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Size125 x 55 30 mm
Device connection optionsBluetooth
Wireless LAN
Cable length500mm

Included in the box

  • DigidownI remote download device
  • Tachograph rear panel cable
  • DigidownHost remote authentication software (digital download)