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DigidownT Chipset

Enables your Telematics System to perform remote downloads from the back of Digital Tachographs.



DigidownT Chipset enables you to embed remote downloading into your telematics system.

Do you design the hardware for your Telematics system?
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  • More cost effective. No additional box and fewer cables.
  • Complete solution. Remote authentication infrastructure including hosting software and servers are provided as part of the system.
  • Full support for Remote Authentication. Carries out digital tachograph remote authentication by passing simple data strings back and forth to a server.
  • Easy integration. Full development kit and instructions.
  • Helps your clients comply with regulations. Compatible with all EU tachograph regulations. Data is saved in the correct file format which works with virtually all analysis software.
  • Easy access to real time data. Access real time data such as driver identity, current driver activity, driving time notifications, ignition status and more.
  • Superb support. We will ensure that your partnership with us is a success at every stage.
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