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Hyper Card Desktop™ 6

Hosts 6 smart cards without any USB limitations on any major OS.




Hyper Card Desktop 6 hosts 6 smart cards without any USB limitations on any major OS.

What's the difference between Hyper and Standard card racks?
arrow to the right Read more about it in our card reader system comparison.


  • Forget about USB limitations. Host any number of cards up to 6,000 with only one CPU using any major operating system. Find out more about operating system USB limitations.
  • Small and simple. The unit can easily rest on your desk, next to your host computer.
  • Quick start with Development kit. Fully documented and supported Development kit available.
  • Raspberry Pi ready. Optional Raspberry Pi can be fitted in the unit to make it a standalone solution.


  • Maximise resources. All your cards can authenticate simultaneously.
  • Superb support. Committed telephone and email support during your development and production.
  • No more random IDs. Each smart card reader keeps the same ID at all times.
  • Hot swappable cards. Replace your cards at any time while the system is live.
Still don't know which one to choose?
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Size190 x 140 x 70 mm

Included in the box

  • 6 slot card reader
  • 1.8m USB cable