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New Training Case - Case Only

Portable case that lets you fit your own training tachographs.

The Training Case (no tachographs) is a portable case that lets you fit your own training tachographs (with test keys).


  • Ease of use. Simple panel lets you set the speed independently for each tachograph.
  • Now with a new case. A new British-made case makes the unit more robust, light and portable.
  • Easy to carry. When not in use the power supply is stored away safely and securely in the detachable case lid.
  • Robust. Designed to last.


  • Happier customers. True hands-on training with tachographs. Replicate the real world in a safe environment.
  • Convenience. Fit your own training tachographs. We can even supply the case with one fitted tachograph and you can install your own tachograph into the second slot.
  • Support. Made by the leading manufacturer of download tools in the UK.

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Size360 x 350 x 230 mm
Cable lengthMains power 2m
Supported TachographsCan be used with any training tachographs (with test keys)

Included in the box

  • Training case with two empty slots for training tachographs (with test keys)
  • Mains power cable with UK and EU interchangeable adapters