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New Training Case - Dual Tachograph [Gen 2]

Portable case holding two separate tachographs suitable for training purposes.

Training Case with dual tachographs. Portable and lockable. Holds two tachographs suitable for training purposes.


  • Ease of use. Simple panel lets you set the speed independently for each tachograph. Easy!
  • Now with a new case. A new British-made case makes the unit more robust, light and portable.
  • Your choice of tachographs. VDO, Stoneridge or any training tachograph in the market! Your choice.
  • Easy to carry. When not in use the power supply is stored away safely and securely in the detachable case lid.
  • Everything is included. Tachographs, training driver cards, training company card and power supply.


  • Happier customers. True hands-on training with tachographs. Replicate the real world in a safe environment.
  • Convenience. Each portable and lockable case is configured with your choice of two different tachographs.
  • Support. Made by the leading manufacturer of download tools in the UK.

If you are looking to develop using tachographs, we provide a Development Case.We put a connection in the front panel of the training case which is linked to the rear connectors on the tachograph. This means that you can access these connections without removing the tachograph itself.

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Size360 x 350 x 230 mm
WeightUp to 6kg depending on your tachograph types and revisions
Cable lengthMains power 2m

Included in the box

  • Training case with two training tachographs (with test keys) installed
  • Mains power cable with UK and EU interchangeable adapters
  • 1 x Training company card
  • 2 x Training driver card