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Adds tachograph downloading to your Telematics System - the easy way.




DigidownT - integrate the complete solution that adds remote downloading to your telematics system, the easy way.

Supporting Compliance. Delivering information. Providing certainty. All under your control.

All the tachograph data collection complexities are handled by the DigidownT. The remote authentication infrastructure is provided as part of the system.


  • Integrates with your existing telematics infrastructure. No need for extra SIM contracts. It works through the existing Telematics System.
  • Full support for Remote Authentication. Carries out digital tachograph remote authentication by passing simple data strings to a server and passing the responses back to the DigidownT unit.
  • Quick Tachograph integration. Fully documented and supported Development kit available. Allows rapid addition of tachograph downloading to any telematics system.
  • Schedule your downloads to suit business needs. Downloads all or part of the data stored in the tachograph including activities, events, faults and detailed speed. Also downloads Driver Cards inserted in the tachograph.
  • Universal. Works with all makes of digital tachographs.
  • Helps your clients comply with regulations. Compatible with all EU tachograph regulations. Data is saved in the correct file format which works with virtually all analysis software.
  • Easy access to real time data. Access real time data such as driver identity, current driver activity, driving time notifications, ignition status and more.
  • Support for older tachographs. Also works with a company card in the vehicle with digital tachographs prior to VDO v1.3 and Stoneridge v7.1. You still get all the benefits of remote upload.
  • Superb support. We will ensure that your partnership with us is a success at every stage.

How it works

  • Connects to the digital tachograph rear panel CAN2 connector, or
  • Connects to the digital tachograph front panel socket with a low-profile connector.
  • Connects to standard serial data, K-line, USB, Bluetooth or wireless LAN on the on-board computer.
  • The on-board computer only needs to handle simple strings to/from the DigidownT unit (and pass them to a server during remote authentication) and then receive the files of downloaded data.
  • No need to handle complicated authentication or download protocols.
  • Files are saved in the DigidownT (in the correct .ddd, .tgd or .v1b format) until the telematics system is ready to upload to wherever the data needs to be.
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Size125 x 55 x 30 mm
Cable lengthsTachograph rear panel connection 5m
Telematics cable 1m as standard, other lengths available on request
Wired connectionsTachograph rear and front panel connections available
Telematics cables available with open ended or custom connections
Wireless connectionsBluetooth or Wireless LAN telematics connection available on request

Included in the box

  • DigidownT box
  • Tachograph rear or front panel cable
  • Telematics cable for your system
  • DigidownHost remote authentication software (digital download)