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About us

About us

Lisle Design. Building partnerships, solutions and products.

Since 2005, Lisle Design has been manufacturing the Digidown range of download tools for Digital Tachographs. Digidown has become the gold standard for such products; the Lisle Design name is synonymous with excellence and reliability.

This reputation is built on three key tenets: reliable products, first class customer support and caring for our family of partners and distributors throughout Europe.

We live to innovate and make useful products.

We were the first company to produce a digital tachograph download tool. Since then, our product range has gone on to include download tools, training cases, tools to enhance telematics equipment and support for enforcement and workshops.

We succeed because we know our partners.

We have partnerships in UK and Europe stretching from Dublin to Ankara, whilst also understanding the importance of a local economy. The majority of our materials is sourced from within 100km of our base in Dundee and our products continue to be designed and assembled here. We are easy to find and even easier to talk to.

We know what we are talking about.

Our skills and knowledge of legislation and tachographs are second to none.

Lisle Design is about our people - employees and customers alike.

We have a core team here in Dundee ; each member has many years of experience covering product design, hardware assembly, software and customer support. We believe in what we do at Lisle Design each day.

We build partnerships which inspire solutions and make useful products.

Come and talk to us - you will benefit from finding out why!

We would love to hear from you. Please get in touch.