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Image of Digidown Go

Digidown Go

Low cost digital tachograph downloading with your mobile phone

Image of Digidown


Digital tachograph downloading made simple

Image of Digidown Plus

Digidown Plus

Tachograph and driver card downloading combined

Image of Digidown Terminal

Digidown Terminal

Capture and send your data automatically to your analysis bureau

Image of Digidown Tag

Digidown Tag

Multi-purpose contactless reader that captures and sends NFC tags data anywhere you want

Image of Digidown Blue

Digidown Blue

Download your tachograph data and send it through your smartphone

Image of Digidown CR

Digidown CR

Portable driver card downloading unit with smartphone connectivity

Image of Digidown Base

Digidown Base

Transfer your downloaded tachograph data to a PC with no air time charges

Image of Digidown PC

Digidown PC

Tachograph downloading on your laptop

Image of Digidown i

Digidown i

Download your tachograph data via your smartphone

Image of Hyper Card Rack™ 20

Hyper Card Rack™ 20

Rack mounted smart card hosting system with 20 readers

Image of Hyper Card Rack™ 120

Hyper Card Rack™ 120

Rack mounted smart card hosting system

Image of Hyper Card Desktop™ 6

Hyper Card Desktop™ 6

Desk unit with 6 smart card readers

Image of Standard Card Desktop 6

Standard Card Desktop 6

Desk unit with 6 smart card readers

Image of Standard Card Rack 20

Standard Card Rack 20

Rack mounted smart card reader unit with USB connections

Image of Digidown T

Digidown T

Adds tachograph downloading to your Telematics System

Image of Digidown T Chipset

Digidown T Chipset

Integrated Digidown T functionality in your telematics system

Image of Training Case - Single Tachograph

Training Case - Single Tachograph

Train on a tachograph of your choice

Image of Training Case - Dual Tachograph

Training Case - Dual Tachograph

Two tachographs in one package

Image of Training Case - Case Only

Training Case - Case Only

Make that spare tachograph useful

Image of Training Case Tacho Upgrade

Training Case Tacho Upgrade

Replace an old or broken tachograph in your training case

Image of Development Case

Development Case

Develop tachograph solutions at your desk with ease

Image of Speed Sender Reader

Speed Sender Reader

Makes speed sender investigation quick and easy

Image of Optical Switch

Optical Switch

Companion to the Stoneridge Tachograph Programmer to calibrate vehicles over a measured distance

Image of Smart Reader

Smart Reader

Read analogue tachograph charts and digital tachograph smart cards

Image of Extension Cable

Extension Cable

Extend the reach of any 6 pin tachograph connector

Image of Replacement Memory Cards

Replacement Memory Cards

New SD cards for your Digidown range unit

Image of Download Cable - USB

Download Cable - USB

Cables to connect a tachograph to a computer

Image of Download Cable - Serial

Download Cable - Serial

Cables to connect a tachograph to a computer's serial port

Image of Programming Cable

Programming Cable

Cables for use with tachograph programmers

Image of Tachograph Cards

Tachograph Cards

Test key cards for demonstration, development and training

Image of VDO Front Panel Activation Card

VDO Front Panel Activation Card

Enable front panel remote downloading on your VDO tachograph

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