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Configuring your Digidown device

To change the settings of a Digidown product first download the small Windows application available here:

  • [CZECH] Download the Digidown configuration app for PC: 616.11 KB DOWNLOAD

Please note: This utility works well with the following units.

  • Standard Digidown units with serial numbers greater than 27000.
  • DigidownPlus units with serial numbers greater than 5600.
  • All DigidownBlue and DigidownCR units.

Use of this configuration process with earlier units is not recommended.

To use the application

  • Connect your Digidown product with its memory card to a USB port on your computer.
  • Unzip the downloaded file.
  • Double click to run the unzipped file.
  • Select your required configuration settings and/or your required file name format.
  • Click 'Configure'.
  • Disconnect the USB cable from your Digidown.
  • Reconnect the USB cable to your Digidown.
  • Your reconfiguration process is complete.

Ensure that there is no other Digidown memory card connected to your computer during the reconfiguration process.


'Latest VU' setting

There are three buttons on Digidown VU downloaders. These buttons may be marked 'All VU', 'Latest VU' and 'Card'. Other units have the buttons marked with these terms in another language or with equivalent symbols.

  • 'All VU' - download all data stored in the VU as required by the tachograph regulations.
  • 'Latest VU' - download just the latest data stored in the VU. The data downloaded with 'Latest VU' is programmable.
  • 'Card' - download the data from the driver card (if any) in the VU.

'Latest VU' options

The following settings can be adjusted:

  • The number of days of activities downloaded.
  • Downloading or not of the Events & Faults, Detailed Speed and Technical Data files.
  • The VDO 168h detailed speed record.
  • The VDO 4Hz speed data.
  • Other VDO-specific data.

In addition the Digidown can be configured to download data from the driver card (if any) in the VU each time the Latest VU button is pressed.

Driver Card - Save Download Date

You can choose to save the date of last download on a Driver card. Some Digidown units do not use this option as it can cause confusion. Sometimes the downloaded data has been stored elsewhere. However recent versions of tachograph sometimes need this data to be stored in driver cards. You can use the configuration utility to enable this function on your Digidown.

File Name Format

Each time a Digidown product saves a tachograph data file that file is given a name. The format of this name is not specified in any EU tachograph regulations. The authorities in France and Spain have defined file name formats which must be used in those countries. Elsewhere there is no specific requirement for any particular name format but there are several commonly used name formats.

Standard Digidown units from serial number 27000, DigidownPlus units from serial number 5600 and all DigidownBlue and DigidownCR units can be set to save files with:

  • Short file names (ESM/CRD)
  • Long file names, VDO/European format (DDD)
  • Long file names, French format (V1B/C1B)
  • Long file names, Spanish format (TGD)
  • Long file names, Lisle Design format (DDD)

If you would like more information, get in touch.